H.R. 1384:

To establish an Improved Medicare-for-All

national health insurance program.


Under Medicare for All, every American will receive higher-quality and guaranteed health care, whether you are employed or unemployed, a dot-com billionaire or a disabled worker.

Free at Point of Care

Guaranteed Choice

Long Term Care

In February 2019, Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) introduced H.R. 1384 into Congress, a bill that would create a national health insurance system to provide Improved and Expanded Medicare for All. The legislation already has more than 100 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives, but it faces stiff opposition from corporate interests.

The American government pays more for its citizens' health care than many developed countries, yet we have some of the worst health outcomes in the world. Our money should work as hard as we do, and that means taking advantage of the smart savings that come with a Medicare-for-All system.


It's time for physicians and other healthcare providers to join the public and demand H.R. 1384, and that includes the American Medical Association.


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Physicians for a National Health Program.

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