The A.M.A. must support Medicare for All

or get out of the way!

Why? Because the financial giants of the healthcare industry, which have a vested interest in maintaining our broken system, have stood in the way.

Americans are in desperate need of a health care system that works. There are 28 million uninsured and another 44 million who are underinsured. Meanwhile, prohibitively expensive co-pays, premiums, and deductibles prevent the rest of Americans from getting the care they need and illness and injury continue to push patients toward income instability and bankruptcy.


Clearly our health care system isn’t working for us.


The United States spends more on health care than any other country yet, even as the richest country on earth, we are the only industrialized nation in the world without universal health care.





Leading the opposition against a publicly-funded, high-quality health care program has been the private, for-profit interests of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries along with the American Medical Association (A.M.A.).


The A.M.A. claims it represents physicians, but it has consistently sided with market-based medicine to the detriment of patients. Since its inception, the A.M.A. has lobbied against Medicare, racial equity in medicine and waged war against any health reform proposal that would limit the power of the private health insurance industry.


Today, the A.M.A. is once again trying to prevent the U.S. from winning publicly-funded universal health care.


In 2018, the A.M.A. joined hands with corporate interests to form a benign-sounding corporate front group called the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future. In order to protect their own economic interests, the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future is waging a well-funded lobbying and misinformation campaign to turn elected officials away from transformative health reform.

The answer to America’s health care crisis is

Improved and Expanded Medicare for All.

Medicare for All is a government-financed but privately delivered health program that could save the U.S. nearly $600 billion annually while providing all Americans with quality health care regardless of employment.


70% of Americans – including the majority of Republicans – support universal, single payer health care because they know it’s time to join the rest of the world and create a system that works for all of us - where patients are guaranteed quality care and choice of health care provider without going into debt or bankruptcy.

Physicians and patients alike refuse to accept this broken status quo for the future of health care.

We are showing the A.M.A. that we see a better future through Improved and Expanded Medicare for All.

The A.M.A.’s membership has declined to an estimated 15 percent of physicians because despite evidence that it leads to poorer health outcomes, it has made the choice to follow the model of market-based medicine. Medical students and physicians know that everyone’s health outcomes would improve with a system that places patients over profits.

The A.M.A. has a choice. Which side are you on?

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