AMA Protest in Chicago, IL

June 8, 2019

Time TBA

Chicago, IL

The American Medical Association is promoting policies that don't stand for the values of the physicians it claims to represent. As medical students, physicians, other healthcare providers, and patients, we will tell the A.M.A. loud and clear that they don't speak for us with the Partnership for America's Health Care Future.

We see a better future with H.R. 1384 Improved and Expanded Medicare for All, and we want the A.M.A. to support it too.

Satellite Protests

Dates, times, and locations TBA

Not all of our allies can make it to Chicago for a protest, so there will be smaller protests in other cities throughout the country. Contact us to learn more about satellite protest locations, or to get support in organizing your own.

Long-Term Goals


Our long-term goals are for regional AMA affiliates and county medical societies to join their fellow healthcare providers in supporting H.R. 1384 Improved and Expanded Medicare for All. Eventually, we hope the AMA itself will start to recognize the undeniable benefits of universal healthcare and devote some of its abundant resources to making healthcare accessible to all.

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