The A.M.A. must support Medicare for All

or get out of the way!

On June 8, 2019, students, physicians, nurses, allied health care workers, and activists from around the country converged in Chicago to protest the annual meeting of the American Medical Association.

We disrupted the A.M.A.'s meeting and showed them what a grassroots coalition can do when we come together for health justice. But Medicare for All won't be won in a day.

Join us in taking a stand AGAINST corporate greed, misleading advertising, and
the profit motive in health care.

And FOR a system that guarantees quality health care and choice of provider for all Americans, regardless of income.

 On June 8, 2019, a diverse coalition of health professionals and community groups to protest the American Medical Association's participation in the "Partnership for America's Health Care Future," dedicated to destroying the movement for true universal healthcare.


Join us in telling the AMA to get on the right side of history; support expanded and improved Medicare for all!

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